Yes, there is plenty of git cheat-sheet published all over the internet. Still, not every software engineer use git commands efficiently/do git operations only through IDEs/not at all using git. So, I wanted to create a post to be a crisp and one last stop for the basic git commands.

Photo by fauxels from Pexels
Photo by fauxels from Pexels
Photo by fauxels from Pexels

First of all, why do we need git?

I think Nadhif Suyudi explained that well here.

Doing git operations through IDEs isn’t enough?

It is enough. But remember the old days in school? We use to write everything we learn, which helped us to remember. Git commands are very similar to that, every time you use the git command, you will start remembering it and…

Steps to create a simple Analog Watch Face from scratch for Wear OS

Start a new project

  1. Open Android Studio and click Start a new Android Studio project
  2. Select the tab Wear OS, select No Activity and click Next
  3. In the Configure Your Project dialog, enter your project details and click Finish

In part 1, we learned to create TextFormField for name, email, and password. In this part, we are going to create DropDown, CheckBox, Radio, and Button.


A material design button for selecting from a list of items.


An item in a menu created by a DropdownButton.

To create DropDown, we need to create a list of DropdownMenuItem with any type. In the below example, loadGenderList() method is invoked before form creation. genderList holds the drop-down values.


value holds the selected value.


Set the dropdown’s inner contents to horizontally fill its parent. …

Hi All, in this story, we are going to learn to create a form in a flutter application.

Form Class

The form is an optional container for grouping together multiple form field widgets.


A key that is unique across the entire app. Global keys uniquely identify elements.


A FormState object can be used to save, reset, and validate every FormField that is a descendant of the associated Form.

We need to create a global key to save and get form values at any time and for validating purpose too. …

Steps to create a flutter project in Android Studio

Installing Flutter SDK

  1. Open Android Studio and click Start a new Flutter project.

2. Select Flutter Application and click Next.

Steps to install/setup Flutter plugin in Android Studio

What is Flutter?

Flutter is a simple framework to create cross-platform native applications using Dart language.

Which IDE is suitable to develop Flutter?

We can build apps with Flutter in VSCode, IntelliJ Idea, and Android Studio. Just we need to install Flutter and Dart plugins in the editor. I am very much familiar with Android Studio, So I have installed the Flutter plugin in Android Studio.

Android Studio Setup

  1. Open Android Studio and select Configure->Plugins

2. Click Browse repositories…

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